Love your job but not your company

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“Love your Job, never your company”, ever since someone said Naryan Murthy, Founder of Infosys, had uttered it, it became a mantra for the fresh IT engineering graduates who took the meanings to a new level.

Simple to say they started becoming fly by night operators, forgetting something that our ancient scriptures taught, “Guruthvam”. If you have read the story about "Ekalavya", then it should suffice for you to understand what that word means.

What Narayan Murthy had conveyed when he uttered those words were not to bereft people of commitment but it was trying to prevent people becoming workaholics who ended up feeling frustrated with life whenever they face a obstacle at work thinking they are doing it for the company sake. It became more significant when he saw people spend 14-16 hours regularly every day at work and end up feeling everyone else works less.

But has his statement changed the way Infosys works?

No! Infosys even today has passionate people who put in the same amount of time or effort but also at the end of the day churn out such good results and growth.

Only for some misguided kids, it created a feeling that they shoulddo their work for experience only and jump for better offers.

With time you learn to understand that these things do not matter.These urges are just a result of confusions and the idea that grass is greener on the other side may work for one person but not all.

I try to instill some sense of practical logic in people when I see that. If they hear it well and good. If not, I can only keep trying :).

Speaking to a few engineers and after taking so many interviews, one thing I notice in these youngsters is confusions as a result of the wide variety of choice they have. “I have a job, but its not great. I should get into that company! I am going to go for MBA! Why should I struggle, my family has no need of my money, let me quit and look somewhere else! My family is poor, I cannot survive on this “, and so goes the list of ideas. I sometimes wonder how ,like one North Indian boy wrote, "the mango people" (Aaam Admi) of India lives .

They forget the fact that they were selected for their potential and not for exploiting them.

A nation grows because of its people contribution not because their governments made it so. They too can become the Jack Welshs' of their companies. But alas they get pulled down from their path because for a moment they lose their track and vision and focus on what their peers are doing.

The kids today are like sprinters in marathons. The run the first 200 meters so fast that they drop out without completing the race. They no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel, because they look only at the back of the closest runner. And like ducks, they follow the one just in front of them.

Narayan Murthy would never have wanted this. He would have wanted the sprinters to learn how to run marathons, become experts at it and then move on with their new skill set IF AND ONLY IF they did not feel wanted or they feel they can better utilize their skills to improve something else. Thus proving they were capable in their jobs which they can carry with them proudly. This is called passion to succeed.

Honesty and integrity are built in. Maybe you can fool a interviewer with your commitments for life time work but the reality is they know you will leave, but they only hope to see you realize your potential before you do so and this may help you believe in the company.

During the past 8 years, I have seen all kinds of kids come and go.I still have many of them with me here, whom I am very proud off. They are the reason for this company's growth because in tough times they have helped weather it.

Some have within a year or two shown their capabilities. Some have needed more time. Some have grown better being here and when they moved on, I see them do great in other companies.

I feel proud of these seeds that had sprouted at the fertile ground called Poornam!

Statistics time and again have shown that people who have remained focused in one path have risen the most and felt satisfied in the end when they look back to see how their life moved on.

My job is to try and instill in them this because I know they have the potential, only they need to focus on developing themselves to this potential and do it with passion. So love your job, but more than it, do justice to your potential without worrying about the consequences..

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Yes indeed! I am so happy

Yes indeed! I am so happy that I am among few lucky seedlings who happen to grow in this piece of land during my initial stages :)..and I hope it will nourish me through out my life when ever and where ever I am...

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