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From time immemorial,legends have defined it, fairy tales emphasize it and people ardently believe in it.

From "Romeo & Juliet", to "Gone with the Wind" to special days like St.Valentine's day, the world has made love to be something so inceasingly amazing and an everlasting feeling.

People learn that love is immortal, that life cannot go on without love and every person  right from his birth is given love; from parents to relatives to brothers, sisters and everyone else.

 But is Love something so immortal?

This question came in my mind because I seem to realize that other than love being a positive feeling and Anger being a negative feeling, both are just "feelings". If one can remove anger, why wont love be removable?

I had a friend called Vinaya, who once made this comment. She said Lijoe, "Your mentally healthy!".

I asked her why and she said, "If you can learn to love again after you lose love, it means your mind is healthy enough to acknowledge the failure and adapt to the situation."

 The speed with which you do it decides how fast your life gets back to the normal curve.

I never gave it much thought until I saw  a lot of recent events where love has failed, where anger is forgotten and where everyone lives pretty normally. This simply implies, love and anger or rather hatred are just the two extreme ends of a pendulum of life!

A rather interesting scenario called the "Stockholm Syndrome" speaks of how a hostage held captive by the captors, ends up sympathising and feeling supportive of the captors views when held for a long time. It brought in a realization, if you hate someone, think of them as badly as you can in your mind and for as much time as possible that finally you will come to a point where you start thinking, other than kill him, what more harm can I do to him. This releases a slew of thoughts that make you to start feeling less animosity towards him. ( Beware, though a good idea, do not meet that person when your thinking like that, results can be fatalistic! )

So if we can hate and lose hatred, why not love? Is it some other sort of emotion? Some may say yes, others may say no. If you look around this world, you will see that kids lose their love to their parents as they grow older even though their parents loved them all through that time. You will also see brother sisters move farther away. Why? Distance maintains feelings without having side effects. When you meet someone you never liked, what does it evoke, maybe sympathy, maybe a little of old hatred but it will be little nevertheless.

Similarly, love diminishes with distance and time, as only time and distance can have that factor. Everyone should be able to accept that love can happen anywhere and at anytime. Scholars realised this and felt that in the future generations to come, this can cause a lot of rivalry as everyone would compete for attention like the animals do.

How did they solve it?

Brought in rules called Marriage, instituted the event to be holy, a tie that would be bound by rules and regulations, difficult to break out of. Couples after living together in marriage would tend to get so used to each other, they end up dependent and finally it reduces the desire of multiple partners etc.

So as a part of how it moves, love leads to marriages in some cases, while in others it results in break ups. Both ways its painful, but sometimes its for the better. You can spend the rest of your life crying for something destiny decided to move out of your reach or you could learn from it, recuperate and then fall in love again, just like you get angry again :).


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Thank you Dafidol ! :) Lijoe

Thank you Dafidol ! :)

Lijoe Antony Chakiath
"To the world you might be one person, but to one
person you just might be the world..."

Hi Lijoe

Your thoughts on love were well said. Good job....its so true...

Dear baba, Love is just

Dear baba,

Love is just another emotion. Are you telling me you can hate only one person truly and rest we just believe so. Remember one thing, if hatred makes us do things we dont realize, love also has the same effect. Only difference between these two feelings is that one we have conditioned ourselves to accept as good and something unique and the other we have conditioned it to be bad :)

Its only a person who assumes love is so true that believes in it. :)

Lijoe Antony Chakiath
"To the world you might be one person, but to one
person you just might be the world..."

hi chakky

chakky, i am gonna call u that,

hey u have just given someones view on love. i believe that u can never outgrow love. love is not just a feeling baba, its central for ur existence. u cant live without loving someone or something.
and as for true love,it comes only once. u can love only one person truly. the rest u believe to b so.

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