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I was in a very melancholy mood today. Life sometimes does that to you. For the first time today I had a host of questions asked to me about the whys and why nots of life at Poornam. :) I had a bunch of the freshest batch of kids, all less than one year, show their mettle. I loved their reasonings and I felt nice seeing their energy.

Here we were over a coffee at Cafe Coffeeday, me and Sojish having our meet the press sort of question rounds. The enthusiastic kids ranged their questions from, "Congrats to Poornam" to "Management is slow to respond to Issues" to " When is the next payscale revision" and so on.. :)

The questions were tough, but at the same time the reasons came out. I had good questions thrown at me and I had tough questions shot at me too. Did I want to answer them all. Some made me feel defensive, others made me realize, there was a lot of ignorance and some questions brought the thoughts, is it the dreams we live for the very reasons why our new people work at Poornam?

I felt I did a ok job to making them realize it. But will it be like a parish sermon during a mass that gets forgotten, the next time an obstacle comes in your life? Add to it, today aint a good day in my book of life :).

When I got home, I decided to focus my attention to the idiot box (a.k.a Television), who has a tendency to keep me occupied. I actually forgot to have dinner! I settled in my sofa and the kitten on my lap all curled up( a new member to my ever growing family of animals that my family seems to enjoy adopting!). I now have a dog, 7 chicks and a cat. Poor mom she has a tough time taking care of them all.

The first movie, Star Movies or HBO showed was, Kingdom of Heaven . Here was a movie, I believe a true story of how Jerusalem was surrendered to Saladin. The sine wave of all the battles fought over the holy land of Jerusalem since the Biblical times. Three religions entwined in the conquest of their so called Holy Land which to this day has not been sorted yet. In India its the Ayodhya site, where the Muslims and Hindus fight over and ofcourse Kashmir! But neverthless, a issue of profound diversity and ongoing for generations.

Here was this one guy in the army of the knights, who understood the reality that more than the land, it was the people who lived there who mattered. Here was the struggle of this knight to defend Jerusalem from the clutches of a evil man who becomes the king because he married the king's sister while the young king is dying of leprosy! Ofcourse the hero, falls in love with the king's sister, commits so called adultery of modern times, watches the king die; the new king throned and who foolishly then goes to war with Saladin to get a name and dies in vain! End of the day the Queen reunites with her lover after she discards her concept of being the beraving widowed queen.

Followed this with the movie, King Arthur . A true story of a Roman Legionnaire and his band of soldiers who fought for the Romans taking care of England, which was then a part of the great Roman Empire. I think I am seeing this movie for the fifth time! Here too was a fearless leader who thought above the self and while fighting the pagan worshipping English tribes, realizes the foolishness of his idea of a Rome governed by wise Philosophers. Instead he realized a power struggle going on with the religious order being used by greedy Priests. In this realization and his love for a Briton Pagan worshipper whom he frees during one of his heartfelt feelings. He was trying to retrieve a Roman Boy who was close to the Pope while England was in the iminent danger of being over run by Saxons. The story goes on to show the faith and ended with great millitary strategy where the Goliath is slain by the David.

Both the movies had one aspect to it. The love for fellow men, the selflessness to protect justice and the understanding of humility. Each of the movies taught a management lesson. A aggressive leader with no conscience, at some point gets destroyed! A great empire created can be ruined by a few greedy people addicted to power. Only the Leader who creates an organization that people love, customers respect and that takes care of its people, lives on!

Truth, trust and our actions are maybe initially forced, but towards the end it is our willingness to succumb to it that makes us repeat or take up the responsibilities. End of the day its the drive within to do it that matters.

At that moment, one more thing I realized was the reality. End of the day, how many of those Britons or those people saved would remember and understand his contribution. A surviver would say he died a noble cause and was Just. But will even one of them say, he did what each of our Holy Books tell us, love your fellow men? End of the day, religion is also a tool for many. A tool to make the foolish people, who are the majority, believe what they want them to believe!

Why do people do it? Sometimes to do good, sometimes for power, sometimes to instill fear in the heart of the living, that this life has to be lived in moderation. Uncontrolled living and intention to cause harm will always be reciprocated they try to emphasize. Yet, yet, we see terrorism rising out of religions. You can see armies assemble to form parties in the name of religion. All of this has always brought out the other aspect of religious groups; end of the day power, influence and money are more important!

Religion or the insult of religious sentiments are used to cause more widespread damage and more killings than any other activity.

Anyway end of the day, the questions kept coming in? What do we live this life for. Some of our actions bring us joy, some things we sacrifice and end of the day, we watch life pass by and one day we realize, there were a lot of unfinished business, dreams and activities, that we may never ever get a chance to do or reclaim. End of the day it will be only our service of doing good to others will matter...

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