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It was in 2001 that I first read a article in the newspaper speaking about people working in Software companies, going out to camps in Munnar for Outbound Trainings. The name Kalypso stuck to my head and things have been rocking since then.

2003, I contacted them for the first time and we had our first white water rafting expedition in early 2004. It was real fun and everyone who were part of our first such venture, I am sure none of us will forget it...
You can see some of the pictures HERE

2006 saw us go for a Out Bound Training with them on Kanamaly Island and this time, we were brought to the ground realities of how a team works and gels together. We made our first raft made of bamboo sticks ties together by ropes. It was an experience in itself. The small small team building exercises were eye openers that made us feel as part of a team of caliber.

2007 December 1 & 2. Two special days we spent in the wilderness of Suryanelli. We went there for the sole intention of Trekking and for a few of us the opportunity to go for a bike trip too. Out we set 18 people, in 2 cars and five bikes. We reached there and were surprised by the beauty of the location. Amid tea plantations stood this hillock that had a inviting walk way and as we reached their main hall, the wind was virtually howling non stop. It was so windy that for the first time I understood in real life how cold it can get in Kerala.

Suryanelli View: View of Suryanelli from the top..
The thrill of staying for the first time in a tent, sleeping in sleeping bags and trekking to climb a small mountain. It was more than enough adrenalin to pump up the crowd...

After settling in we went for a quick tasty lunch and then took some rest. About 2:30 pm , we started our trek to conquer aanaerenghal mountain. We started walking from the camp, through the picturesque tea plantations till we reached the mountain and then climbed the 5100 feet to reach the mountain top. It was exhausting, exhilarating and for many of us unbelievable that we ever reached the top!

Later as we walked back to base camp, exhausted, we marched to the tune of parampuri, chay parampuri (left right left); Picturising food, warm cozy sleep was the only motivation for us.

We reached the camp all starved, had a sumptous tasty dinner and then a small campfire before we dispersed to our sleeping bags.
The Camp we stayed in..: this was our stay...

The morning was a little more leisurely, we packed our bags and went on a 6 km trek to a lake where we bathed in and then returned to our vehicles for our trip back to Cochin.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and an eye opener on our fitness levels. We look forward to going for more such trips...

For more pictures go HERE

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