I sometimes wonder...

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I sometimes wonder, death only can unite what life separates...
As the mud we came from, the water that bonded us,
Nothing of it remains today, only when we die,
we become back to what we were..

Just as they say time stoppeth not for any,
Going to the past, we came from the womb,
Progressing through life, the journey brought us many akin,
So many things happened, so many people we passed,
Will we meet them again, I know not..

Some remain clear as day can be,
remain do they in our minds and souls,
fresh as fresh can be,
As the evening rushes in,
we clasp so hard,we switch the lights on,
try as much for the day to remain,
But alas the night has to cometh,
Alas the distance has to happen..

Memories have to hide behind
While reality takes the stage...
Wait then you for reality to fade,
To let memories invade...

Once again the day has cometh,
Once again the laughter with it..
Why did this separate we asketh,
Why did this have to happen?
Wait do we then for death,
To once again unite what life has diverted..

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