I should have bought roses..

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I should have bought roses,
My heart kept saying,
I should have bought the red ones..

Remembering the smile on the faces,
Those whom I took the pains to give,
A smile came to my mind,
A sigh to my heart,
Alas another Valentine has come to pass,
Another one, where I look to see
Listen to hear,Speak to understand..
But all that is there is out of sight..
Who do I give?
Who do I give,My heart kept asking..
Everytime I crossed it,
Things became unclearer still..

As Feb 14th came its way,
As the messages came on,
I felt a smile in my heart.
I done it, I been there...

I have warmed the hearts of many a lady,
I have brought smiles to special someones,
Sure as I am their kids will know..
Someday with a laughter to cherish,
How that one boy made them special,
even if it was for a day...

As the sun sets, another day gone,
I am sorry I decided not to this valentine..

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chetta! Kuttan

chetta! Kuttan

Hahhahahahaha...finally one

Hahhahahahaha...finally one valentine without roses

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