I am back!!

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Its been really long since I thought of writing something down. Every time I took the site up to write, I get what people call writer's block.

I had done a IQ test a back in 2002. The results were, Lijoe hurray you are a Visionary Philosopher!! I used to take it as a credit until i realized, no one likes philosophers unless they are feeling sad or have a emotional problem.Even if you know someone for years, when they find solace from some other sources; the philosopher ends up being a headache to escape from.

For past few months, I have been trying to avoid sharing these philosophies, just so that I can gel right back in. As a result, necessity made me spend a lot of time with friends. It started with a local tug of war competition.

This was between the different family units in our church. It then went on to the Annual Celebrations we have at Poornam.

It was then time for sports. My friends decided to organize a football
tournament. I had to then take part to show the enthusiasm and support. It was fun for everyone and I realized I am very unfit now..:)

Amar and Core decided to go on a trek as Core Outing, that too was fun.

I had umpteen marriages to attend and then again it was fun until everyone started asking that same old question, " When can we see you married!!" Chronic Bachelor your hair is going some would laugh and say, specially the younger generation. I just smiled remembering the old leaf to young leaf stories. Others constantly taunted, 30 years, no girl will give you a second look!

The older people would come and sigh, your time has not come yet, don't worry it will come soon. I have been hearing this since college days, the girl of my dreams would turn up...

But then again as the story goes, God can only give you opportunities, you need the courage to grasp it when it is in your hands irrespective of the consequences. Was I coward? Well I guess I am. Not the one who runs away at the time of pressure, but someone who given the time and space, ponders, ponders and ponders and finally does not take a decision. That still is in my books the definition of a coward :).

Well there we go philosophy rears its head!!... :)

This was followed by the CCL 2009, a corporate champions league organized in Cochin by ClubFM. Over there we took part in many events, but paint ball was what I took part in with our team. End of it when we won!! I called up to tell this news to many friends and the congratulations poured in. We were the giant killers of the day. A small company, 300 odd people, unknown to most of Cochin, with the TCS, CTS, HDFC and other bigger corporates getting cordial receptions, we showed we had talent.

When this ended, I went running to Bangalore. This time marriage proposal. Times have changed !!! Now a days, unlike before I need to run around to find the girl and yet I have people saying I am not serious about marriage!!

Now is the time of girl power :). With good jobs and engineering, most girls are independent today and they want to make the choices themselves too. So when today you go for a marriage proposal, its two independent people trying to see how much less they need to sacrifice when they marry. End result my search still goes on....

I somehow don't regret it, cause even if the times comes for it or not, I know today there are a lot of things in this world to do rather than just sit and brood for.The worst that can come is I wont have a progeny to follow me, but it no longer matters when you look at that ticking clock and realize you have so much to do in this life than fret on it..

July 11th to July 19th 2009, I was in Manali for a 1 week trekking expedition. My first exposure to the Himalayas, it was just beautiful!! Check the pictures HERE

It was 24 people from different parts of India and it was extremely great to be exposed to those different characters and their life styles. The trek was extremely hard. 45-50km trekking distances, climbing an altitude of 1000 meters. Rain, cold and open air toilets, well they were a novelty!

Found time in between all this to shop, para glide, white water raft and do zorbing and take a dip in very hot sulfur springs. It was hectic and yet at the same time memorable..

Now what.. a few days of rest to recuperate from all this and then its back to finding what to do next. Time cannot be wasted right.

A lovely quote, I bring back from this trip...

"Ah Love! could thou and I with Fate conspire, To grasp this Sorry Scheme of Things entire, Would not we shatter it to bits and then, Re-mold it nearer to the Heart's Desire..." written by Omar Khayyam in his now famous Rubaiyat

These words, if I had known earlier I sometimes wonder would things have been different? But then I can never know now.. but I am back!!

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