Heartful words whose meaning I cannot fathom

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There is a time for everything,
There is a moment destined..
Sometimes we awaken to the dawn,
Disoriented to the fore..

Our dreams differed, our means differed,
Alas the reality too...
Words were said, Promises made,
But when the moments neared, islands were made!

The onslaughts it faced!
Nature ravages the ones that are weak,
The roots remain as the harsh reality awaits..
That there is but destruction..

Like a hawk it stays at a distance,
Watching over its prey,
It pounces at the unexpected!
To give up is the only way,
To let go knowing that the time is up..
To wither and go in the wings of fire..
Alas to miss the joys in life it goes,
Until like the phoenix it arises,
From the ashes to once again
the mighty life it was..

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Magnificent piece of

Magnificent piece of work....
Worth appreciating...the message leaking is simply superB...

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