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“It has been an interesting few days,” admitted the Frenchman. “But it has not been more difficult than that. When you don’t win, nobody jumps off the roof but the frustration always kicks in. "

"It is part of management that you go through a period where it is a bit more difficult. But it has been nothing more than that. I am focussed on doing things well and in the right way. That is all. I am strong enough to let everyone have opinions and I am strong enough to do what I believe is right."

"That is why this is also a good opportunity for the team to show we have strength and ability."

"You know how the media works now, you go from catastrophe to fantastic but real life is somewhere in between. Even if at the moment we are frustrated it is not all doom and gloom. We have strong belief in our ability and we have a good opportunity to show that we care about the club and we believe in our strengths. " --- Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger is one of my role models and all along is the mouth, the heart and the soul of the Arsenal Football Team, my favorite.

I know people love a lot of different clubs in the English Premier League and that most would be 100% behind the winners Manchester United or Chelsea or Liverpool.

But I want to reiterate, if football is your passion and if you are also into management, there is not a man more qualified than Arsene Wenger to be showing you how.

A small recap about Arsenal is that Arsenal is one of the top 5 teams in the English Premier League whose main focus to their growth as a football club is to playing attractive passing football, using youngsters who are capable and grown up through the home system or brought from other teams. They rarely spend huge money on buying player brands, but instead they bring up the kids who end up becoming the brands that other people want. No wonder he is called as the "Professor" in footballing circles.

The above was a comment that Arsene said when Arsenal lost its third consecutive game. 2008 has been testing times for Arsene and Arsenal. But with his idea of balancing his youth with skills and ensuring Arsenal lives within its means by not making unreasonable demands for high cost players to the club, he is a living example of an excellent manager. Arsenal recorded 50 million dollars profit, a new stadium and third in the English Premier league; All with a team that the press brandishes immature kids and who cannot challenge the title contenders...

I always tend to link Poornam to having similar ideologies and thats what makes Arsenal's each victory more sweet, each loss more tough and each time someone leaves more painful. Cause end of the day its like a part of you when you are so fully involved in it..

Hoping to see a better year for Arsenal in 2009... :) Rather believing!

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