The Futility of it ALL --Mumbai 26/11

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I have no idea what advantage these people get destroying monuments or causing civil unrest?

What do they gain killing people and disturbing the peace? Will the destruction of old heritage hotels and railway terminals give them any benefit?

To prove a point? Whose point? What point? Who benefits?

With this collateral damage no one benefits? End result is someone is going to become famous and end up as a target in the screens of all nations of the world. What good does that do?

In the ancient times when a King could start a war and conquer a country, there was a reason or way for the kind of successes the terrorists hopes for.

But in today's world, gun fights in a democratic country like India where the majority will never accept the demands of such terrorists, other than making their kin more victims, no one benefits.

I have people say how skillful and cleverly they have orchestrated the multiple attacks. But for me all I see is a bunch of fools who have not studied the simple rules of Chatrapati Shivaji the patron of Maharashtra; that in a guerilla warfare, losing your small stock of foot soldiers does not benefit the cause! The real stage is where there is minimal lose and maximum impact.

Right now all I see is a bunch of gun wielding kids, made martyrs for a cause they are brainwashed into. In the process the lives of innocent people are destroyed and panic created..

As I watch the drama unfold through various websites, I just pray a silent prayer for those innocent and do hope that rather than sit and condone, sympathize and rhetoric against the events, we retaliate and strike back terror to the very architects who have brainwashed people to think Indian lives though a billion plus in strength has no value.

Is it a retaliation against Raj's Mumbai or a age old India-Pakistan Issue or a minority rights issues or a political gimmick as the elections near, I have no idea.. but these sort of inciteful events just further dampen the lives of people who love to live on..

I have to laud the spirit of the NSG forces who have gone down risking limb and life to save someone unknown innocent people who are the victims of some crazy man's agenda. Mera Bharat Mahan!

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they r brainwashed morons on

they r brainwashed morons on a killing spree
Its a pity to watch the way the Indian leaders are reacting to this
pittier is the way the news channels r covering this, with every minute detail as if to help the terrorists..
only heartening thing are the work of the brave men from NSG..salutes to them

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