From Dust came Man & Unto Dust he Returns...

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Today I turned 28!

I am on the wrong side of the first quarter of my life... Recollecting my past one year, I realize this birthday just reminded me on a saying my uncle Thomas always reiterates...

"Up until you reach your 25, a birthday is a sweet reminder of you becoming an Adult from a toddler. Its what every teenager dreams to be and each birthday brings him closer to it..Once you cross the 25, then the changes come! Each birthday reminds you of your mortality!"

You start seeing changes in your physique, you start noticing, there is not a landmark you want to reach. Every birthday says, Nature is taking its course. Entropy comes into your systems so that you vacate this space on planet earth and let another toddler survive to take its place...:)

Man with his combined wisdom has slowed the effects of aging and we are moving each day towards healthier lives. Our way of cheating Nature's Rules of Survival :).

Yet today I feel old.. :) My hair is almost gone, my body no longer responds as quickly as it should to exercises and there is also a lethargy which makes me choose what I should do and what I should not.

But not everything is bad on your birthday. I had friends give me gifts, a lot of friends call me for wishing and I felt happy. A birthday has that one positive effect, everyone tries to help make it a special day. Even I myself say into my head, please do not do anything rash, its my birthday and I should be polite to everyone :).

I now look forward to the new year of my life to bring further changes in me planned or unplanned that should take me towards completing what I have come to this world to do..

Is there a age I would like to wait for, now that 25 is over? :) I think not, every year from now on is just another year that I have to live on this planet. I hope I can make the best of it ....

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