Friendship - The Unsinkable

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' A friend in need is a friend indeed'..

A saying we hear often and something we believe in with our hearts...

I was going through orkut the other day and I felt something awkward. I am the proud owner of 656 friends in friendlist. Wow thats huge! Felt happy seeing it. At the same time it made me think, what are friends for?

That question stumped me. How many of those 656 friends really know me? How many of them would pass the test of the phrase above?

I guess a handful or feet full!

That is the true reality. We have friends, well wishers, colleagues and professional friends and so on.

Now what are their differences? Well lying in bed bored and frustrated for two weeks plus with jaundice, I realized I have a lot of well wishers and then a few friends. Friends stand by you at times of crisis. They hand hold you through your difficulties, try to advice you on what they feel is right but if they see genuineness they stand by you whatever you do.

Well wishers, well they are your friends who come to congratulate you on your successes. They advice you when you are down and stand with what their view is on the whole thing and expecting it to be the best for you, even if your instinct says otherwise. They can only measure your success through your quantifiable achievements but never understand what makes you happy..

Then you have school mates, colleagues, people you meet along your journey of life. They only know the polished you who impresses them due to what character only you display to them.

Professional friends are your network, the people who help get you the best possible deals in life with their knowledge of their respective fields. These are your social contacts, the ones who help each other come up in society. A symbiotic relationship.

When I think of my last one decade, I realize I made very few close friends who understand me and more of well wishers who expect good things for you and push you. Now how many, I do not know nor want to elaborate. End of the day we all should be glad we have friends and enemies because then someone is always watching us. A stranger dies more of a lonelier death than someone who has the others.

Oh God thank you for the true friends you gave me. For the ones who stood with me through thick and thin knowing only that they wanted me happy instead of becoming a model citizen....

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