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I returned from work early today. Did some shopping for mummy and then sat down for dinner. As I sat, I browsed through the channels and halted when I saw Sean Connery. I dont think there are many actors whose films even if horrible are worth watching just because of their actor...

So there it was "Finding Forrester", a movie I have always thought I should see some day. But until now, I could never think of myself in a mood of lonliness that warrants me to sit and watch it.

As the movie progressed, I was touched by the mentor - mentee role the movie took on. Here was Forrester a old man who was a talented teacher who locked himself up from the world and spent his time viewing out of the window to the world beyond and on the other side it was Jamal, a Afro - American boy who was intellectually great but someone who decided to follow the flow of the river. In his lowly living setup, here was a guy who read but because of being in the lower strata and being educated in a school whose sole intention was to promote education; his intellectual brilliance was not brought out. So like other regular students, he sat to wile away his public time with basketball, street talk and the norm. When these two people's path crosses, life takes a turn and the movie is worth watching just to feel through the emotions, the spark of genius, the untold emotional bonds between these two people. An untold camraderie, feigned with the audacity of a writer who seems to have got himself a very shy nature and a young boy who just did not seem to be able to use the right words to express his feelings.

"Together, they've created a story that doesn't force certain issues,
but one that simply observes two geniuses; the teacher who cultivates
the student's genuine talent, and the student who reconnects the
teacher with the spender that surrounds him. "Finding Forrester" is a
movie that realizes true growth doesn't sprout from a seed of analysis,
but from the simple realization that while beauty may emanate from the
creation of artists, enlightenment derives from the ability to allow those
we know to assist us in discovering the best in ourselves. On that score,
we are all artists."
--Excerpt from Moviefreak

As the movie ended, it ended with a letter from Sean, which was written before he passed away; to the boy saying a few words that seem to revereberate in me.

Sean said in more or less words the following, "Each one of us fear pursuing our wishes and talents in life because we fear that we may fail or because we fear we may succeed and are then worried how it will then change our lives! Jamal I want to thank you for giving me this chance to come into my life and even though late in the winter of my life, you have opened my eyes and I have decided to pursue what my heart wants...which would have otherwise been too late for me..."

When I think back to the people who have given up on many things, this includes me, I realized this is the truth. I know I have been through similar situations and I may have given up because of the reasons said above.

I had tried to watch the movie to keep my mind of the depression I have in my mind. The unrest I feel in what folly I have committed. I do not know anymore if this decisions I have taken over the last few months are right. Have I amidst my fear, assumed things. Could have I thought of situations as a cause and effect of my actions, been figments of my imagination blown out of proportions? Am I really doing what my heart wants ... or have I with the fear of consequences decided to take a step back and now regret like I am doing now?

When I keep myself busy, these thoughts I push to the back but it has surfaced today like the trigger was pulled. Life can sometimes suck...!

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Why so sad..

Sorry Dear Anon,

Sometimes nostalgia takes over :). I am not very depressed or anything but the words flow when the heart is heavy..:)

So maybe you can see thats why it comes once in a while..:)

Dont stop reading, criticism always helps making the writer correct :)

Lijoe Antony Chakiath
"To the world you might be one person, but to one
person you just might be the world..."

Why so sad?

You write some excellent articles but very very very few show happiness from them! Are you always in sadness or is it that you choose to be?

I feel everyday life is all about choice. Hope you choose to be happier in your blogs to come or you'll have one reader less ;-)


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