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In these times of marriages, I get to meet and hear and talk to many of you guys and I remember those days..

As I was rumbling through my old suitcase, the one I had with me for four years at Chengannur, I found my white shirt with a lot of signs and also I found my long lost College Address Book, It starts with a poem I penned down then...

"As you Turn these pages of History,
Remember these friends not as pictures!
But as faces of the past that shaped your Future!

Remember them for the good times spent
Full of Fun; Of joy, freedom, of love,
Think of all those good times spent under
The Wings of CEC!!

Farewell some more
Alas today not many of them are by your side;
Not there to share your sorrows nor multiply your joys,
But keep in mind that each one of us will
Be together though not physically but in our hearts!!

The dream that was reality,
a CEC in true colours of life and spirit; but of the past!
A period of youth, vibrancy and life,
Be happy that you had a life so good at CEC!!

Destiny created the fifth element,
Now its time for each one of us to make a promise,
Of friendship unto death, of help in times of need!
So as fate marches our life to the next stage,
Adios dear friends, words of sorrow bring it to our heart..
But let us solace that we will meet again...."

Back in October 1997, I landed for the first time at Chengannur knowing that this is where I would be spending 4 years of my life. After a 4 hour journey from Cochin, I reached Chengannur railway station. It was hot, humid, crowded and I just felt desolate. For the first time in my life, I am going to stay so far away from anyone knew. Ragging, that was also top most in my mind. What would happen I do not know, but I was worried hearing all those violent incidents, watching all those violent scenes of youngsters undergoing inhuman treatment. I was afraid and I knew Jose uncle would drop me and go. I met the seniors for the first time, they did scare me but I realized, they were just like you and me. They did not seem to be menacing or all six foot guys wielding sticks, cigrattes. The first guy who came to so call "rag" me was shorter than me and I realized, it was not actually ragging, they were just stamping their authority as seniors and that was what we had to respect. I did my role and escaped without being ragged the inhuman ways that happen in some places. More than it, my football skills helped me gain the respect of quite a few seniors and so I felt more comfortable with them around.


There I met my marble boys. That first day as I climbed that slope up with the gates of the college beckoning. We all were hustling to get into the center of the crowd. As we were approaching the top, our heartbeats quickened as at the gates stood seniors with a smile on their face. There was something sinister, everyone started pushing into each other. By the time we reached St. Thomas bookstall, the whole group went silent. You could actually just hear the panting breaths and the tension in the group. The seniors smile had a sinister feeling, like sheep's to the butcher house we went forward and then they marked us with sandalwood paste, welcoming us. Yeah yeah, they only intended to welcome us, I felt the mark as saying “Ninne pinne kandolam!” (I will catch you later!).

Everyone was in their white shirts and gray pants and the girls were in white top and gray bottom churidars. We were all very anxious, once we reached there, every menacing looking person was thought off as a senior and we all started looking at our toes and searching for our class room numbers. Once we reached class, the atmosphere changed. We started becoming excited meeting new people, we breathed in relief for reaching till here safe and sound. This is “F Batch!”

F batch Extracurricular Activities in College:

The guys eyed the girls and the girls did the same. I had the most impromptu introduction. Ashwin and Jikku came to me introduced themselves, got my name and the first question they asked was, “Which girl do you like among them? “. I was like, taken back by such a straight forward question and I pointed to a group and said, them! They got back and said, we too are looking at them. Anyway that introduction did not make me feel too comfortable with them and it felt like an open confrontation. Over the four years we became friends and they became great friends of mine as time passed..

During the four years there I made a lot of good friends, my F-batch, my marble boys, many great seniors, nice juniors. I saw my first arts festival. Took part in sports festivals, slogged to help NSS clear the campus and make it clean. Took part in strikes, spent countless hours traveling in trains every week. Semster exams, Training & Placement Cell activities, Sports Fest at changnassery with Treasure Hunts, releasing the magazine of our dear Tobby D Koll. (aka kuzhi) and the list goes on..

Swimming in Pamba, eating from thattu kada, famous “Priya Bar” porotta & chilly beef ! NSD's “Akram Khan Dramas”, Ajeesh's “BREATHLESS”, Tobby's Pole Dancing, Lijoe Jose (Chalu) “Thotte team-inte captain cricket matches”, Blessen's “Dil Lagi singing”, Kuttan's “Ande ka funda dances”, PU's “Bat man returns”.Sony - NSD Vaikol cousins singing and Poth Diya's charge!!!!!.
Curtain Saar 's (Vineeth Thampi) Raavile “T...... YO”, Tank's (Anish) capacity, Anil's (mudinja veshap, one chapati full!! ), Russel ika's lal salam, Agni's and Sita's drawings, Suppandi Lakshmi, Cowboy Cherian, Jikku's Vali, Amit's IEEE, Tiger Five tournament, Women's throwball competitions, Ashok's “Kapa pazham competition”, Bulls eye Vinaya, Priya's & Smitha's Dances, Salman Khan Shafeer's Ohh Ohh Jaane Jaana, George's vattam Antics , Josin's malayalam skits, Gem's the hardworking NCC, Saji “the underwhere fashion parade” and the list is endless :).Hehe if I keep writing, I would have to sit and write about each and every individual and their nick names and some memorable moments. Since that would have you all bored, let me cut this short.

The fight with the juniors after our farewell and Abhilash's death were two blemishes in my four years there that I would love to forget. Rest all are things that happen and is good to help us bond well and see the real world.

“All good things must come to an end.”

When I think of CEC, there is a nostalgia I cannot hold back, of times immemorial. Four years in this “f******” place I said when I came. At the end when I left, those gates, breaking my last cigarette, tears rolled like never before. As we bid each other farewell, as I packed my things from marbles, I knew life would never be the same. Five years has passed now, from students we have matured to working professionals. Many of my friends are flying globally, many locally. A few like me live with a dream to leave behind a legacy, others are running their lives professionally. Many married, many with kids; Some on the verge of marriage and yet others married. As we complete five years of leaving college, this August 2006, I cherish those moments, that completed my education to face this world. I thank and remember each of those friends when I take up the address book and associate events with faces and smile ruefully at a past long gone. But memories remain and nostalgia comes in...

Nagme hain, shikwe hain
Kisse hain, baatein hain)
(Baatein bhool jaati hain
Yaadein yaad aati hain)
Yeh yaadein kisi dil-o-jaanam ke
Chale jaane ke baad aati hain
Yaadein, yaadein, yaadein

Farewell Day

There are songs, there are complaints
There are stories, there are words
Words are forgotten
Memories are remembered
These memories come after the departure of a sweetheart
Memories, memories, memories

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It was like going through an old album after a long time..
Memories about the most happening times...

Keep writing more...!!

I started reading it with

I started reading it with that resigned, Oh College attitude...And then at the end I was smiling big
and lots of memories and people started flooding in...Thanks chakky, it was lovely...

I dont have words for this..........

I really dont have any words to express.

Really great.
You took me backwards.... Thanks for that...

da chakky well done nice

da chakky
well done
nice lines & strong thoughts behind it.

Touched ..

Compact, yet a lot of nostalgia "capsuled" inside ..

Really touched though I haven't ever been to cec in my life (other than through word pictures..)

U done it!

Chakky.. Marvellous.. You ignited the flame of nostalgia.. Really nice post!


It brings a lot of nostalgia to me too. I will be hopefully in the next few months scanning up all the pictures I have and put it up on my website.So many pictures of lovely moments.. and nice times..:)


Am glad it brings back memories of a time so great!


Lijoe Antony Chakiath

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you just might be the world..."



Hi Chakky Reading it brought

Hi Chakky
Reading it brought back so many memories.
We did have a lot of fun back then.
I really miss those days.

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