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Fear does the man of today, of even the Sun in spring,
Of the UV rays and the Ozone depletion,
Such is the men of today, that they walk not,
Out in the open, for fear of tan and fear of cancer!

Why does man forget his mortality,
Forgets that his life is but just a millisecond
compared to the age of mother earth!
Yet still his trust is from his experience..
A man burned by fire, still uses it,Why?
A man who has drowned and rescued,
still uses water!!

When man can be all this, yet why is there the fear to trust...
Why does man have to fear The coming and going dangers??

It's that the man is eagerto ensure the safety first.
That's why he takes shelterwhen it is thundering heavily.
The same time he searches shades when the sun burns him by the heat.

But when the sun shines its gleeand birds chirp on the tree
The man is there to see all and enjoy the  joyous time.
Never does he want to do this,where he is hurt by that.

The love is the sun of his life which can burn him by choice.
If there is trust with love,it's like the sun in spring
If there is trust  missing the love burns him for sure.

For his on safety he will first, take an umbrella of non-trust
and he choose to walk in the sun and see the world around.
When he sees the spring around,and a sun that don't hurt
he will surely throw of his shade and jump to the sun of spring
where there is happy and trust and love and joy live together!

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