Ego Chetan

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"Ego Chetan, Ego", listen to me, Linsy went on..

I smiled from Lijoe to Lego to now Ego :). Sisters as they grow up tend to change the way they call you..

I always had a difficulty calling My elder sister "Chechi" (Chechi is supposed to mean elder sister & Chetan is supposed to mean elder brother). I finally started using it when I really respected her for that position. By about 9-10 years girls mature faster than boys and thats when I think I ended up calling her so.

Its' a common tradition out here to call people elder (yet of our generation) to you with these terms suffixed to it, just like we add uncle or aunt to the names of our previous generations.

I don't know if it was the way of calling that name, it kept reminding me does this "Ego Chetan" comes up because my sister is being endearing or does she feel I have an inflated "Ego". Like Sojish correctly says, I decided not to ASSUME (Make a ASS of U and ME) and went and asked her. It got clarified as endearment. So thats one person who does not think I am egoistic.

I have heard this word being used time and again and I constantly wonder what construes a display of egotism?

Dictionaries define "Ego" as - an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others.

Now when we strongly say we feel something is right or wrong very seriously and the person we tell it to does not accept it, does it become my egoistic opinions? I wonder... or are we that wrong in our views and what our experiences taught us?

There are something experience teaches you in this world. All cannot be explained to every person we try to give an order to or opinion for. I just recently got an angered friend call me a egoistic person. I smiled cause there is no answer to such an opinion. Its not a opinion rather a statement. But end of the day the question comes does every person who takes a decision and cannot explain to the world why they take such a decision, ends up being egoistic?

I wonder if Ratan Tata will be considered egoistic when he decided enough is enough and walked out of Bengal while the Nano project was constantly being delayed due to the constant issues in Bengal.

Anyway I do not think we can ever correct the views of everyone in this world. Whatever we do, we will have people give opinions and criticize too. I am trying to learn to take this in my stride and self evaluate.

"Ego, Ego lets go for a movie today", Linsy calls out. "Its been a long time since we went together na, Ego, Please!!"

Wanted to write some more but then Linsy is calling..Bye, gotta go...

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