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As I came down for dinner today before leaving to office, my sister's were discussing something with a lot of brevity. I sat down and asked what the commotion was about.

My younger sister Linsy said, she got sms from 5 different friends with a quote and she could not fathom why it was sent to her!

I asked her for the quote and it went like this,

" Dont Let Someone be a Priority in your life when you are just an option in theirs."

I was taken back, somehow this has been something that I have related to all my life. Being a capricorn, though I have always been a loner, one aspect about me has been involving myself in other's life and sometimes ending up messing things because I bring in my thoughts, my assumptions and my views into their already messed up life.

The quote seemed to say, "Chakky, this is for you! Better listen up, for else you will never be happy in your life!"

How do you know if you are a priority in their life or not?
I have haunted myself with that question, but never found a solution for it. I have had people say, "Chakky is a nice guy, he will understand. I am sure he will help us out." When someone comes to you like that, how do you tell them, sorry you are only looking at your needs?

If you have to live, you got to live like a few people I know. One is Kishore, he is a kind of guy whom everyone I know wants to associate with. The guy has a magnetism with his energy and at the same time his ability to keep a person at one arm distance. He may help the person within the one arm limits, but never closer than that. Why? Well he says, if you bring them closer they can hurt your feelings. At one arm, you can help them and at the same time be sure that when they leave you, you wont feel hurt.

He is the one guy who gets frustrated seeing me fall in love again and again. Actually I understand why he says so. I think I have finally lost that feeling from me. If you love like you can never love again, which I have done one last time! Then you can never cross the boundaries again specially if you lose it like I am about to..

It took sometime to sink in, but the quote was short, sweet and at the same time meant a lot. Many times in our lives, we make it a point to put that extra bit to helping someone. We give them our top priority and end of the day, the person walks out on us saying its just not for him. He does not see the effort that went behind it, others get it easily, so it must have been easy for chakky to get the same done for me. The effort part is just exaggeration!

I have been through numerous situations where I have seen this happen and this quote seemed to stick to me. Clients leave us when they feel they are taken for granted. Friendships break, love breaks and even life breaks when we take it for granted. All the sweat, toil and hard work takes moments of carelessness to create issues that can not be solved and ends up in parting ways..

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