Do you have Rs.525 (US$11.50) to spare?

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The year is 1986, I was a student of Indian School, Salmiya (Kuwait). I was studying in Second Standard then. The specialty of our school was that it was a co-ed in the figurative sense but in the literal sense it was never true.

All girls had early morning classes and for boys, the classes started only after 12 noon. So it was like we would reach the school gates, wait for the girls to get out and then the boys would get in to class. For 1985, this was way too futuristic.

Imagine a school management that had the foresight to double its resource usage and in turn make best utilization back in 1985, when 24/7 was limited to just hospitals and emergency services like electricity and water!

My mom was a nurse, dad worked in a oil company and my sisters went to school in the morning. So whenever mom had morning shift, I was the only person at home during the day time. Mom would keep tea in the flask and whatever she cooked for breakfast in a covered plate. She was very particular that I eat my food fully because she had to prepare this in between her rush to go to work. I would get my fair share of the stick if she saw me waste it.

One morning I woke up and as usual went to the kitchen. I took my tea in my cup and being in second standard my thinking was very limited. The tea was absolutely sour. Mom had made tea for me that was sugarless! I somehow swallowed half of it and washed the rest down the sink. After I went through this debacle, I got ready for breakfast and had the shock of my life! There was six, I repeat SIX boiled eggs in the plate!

I could never imagine how I could eat more than one and here there was six. After the sour tea, this was mission impossible. I was sure mom had some grudge on me and I was being tested to fail. I could already imagine the beatings for not eating my breakfast fully. I thought of nothing else and with my fear growing, I finally got the “grand idea” to take 5 of those eggs throw it in the waste bag which I then took outside to throw in the main garbage collection center of the building we resided in.

I was so proud of myself then! I had cheated my mom! It was perfect. I could tell her I ate six eggs and she would be happy. Unfortunately, an hour later I was vomitting. Something with the sugarless tea and the boiled egg did not go down well with me. I felt ill and so I did not go to school that day. I had to face mom soon but I was so confident I would not be caught.

By 2 pm when mom came home, she was aghast to see me lying sick. She enquired why and I told her about the tea being sour and eating SIX eggs! She was shocked, “Lijoe you could have put some sugar in the tea and had it! Why did you not think of it? And six eggs! My son that was one for each of us and I forgot to tell you that :(.”

I was lost for words and she kept asking me if I really had six eggs. She was worried about my health and being a nurse, she already started imagining the heart block as a result of such a high cholestrol intake. But then she started having her doubts when she saw the waste basket was covered with a new waste bag. She went out to the garbage can and she caught me red handed. She never scolded me for it, but I guess she realized I was scared to have lied to her so hard. Later on when I was old enough, we laughed at it and I also realized it was such a wrong thing to do.

Why did I say this? Well in way I was sharing a small memory from my past. But I thought about it today when I realized how many kids of that age starve in India every day and there I was thoughtlessly wasting 5 eggs. I was lucky, my family could afford it... I never had to worry about what I would eat and only needed to focus on what I wanted to become.

15 years later, when I read today about Akshayapatra , I could not but drop in a blog to help promote it.

I was privileged and my friends circle, atleast 85% of them are just as privileged if not more. But are we doing something to give some underprivileged people a chance at living better?

Akshayapatra , feeds close to 1.2 million children every day throughout India. They provide kids that one meal a day which helps them stay in school; So that they can learn to live rather than beg or go into child labor! They aim to be able to feed atleast 5 million children daily by 2020.

You can read more about them on this site,

A noble cause with a positive chance to give a starving child a chance at living a better life!

All it takes is Rs.525 per year to feed one child. Imagine the motivation that starving kid will have to make him/her go through school for one year atleast? Imagine your lucky childhood; Did you have to worry about starving? Would you not want to atleast help one child not starve?

For those working within India, there is an added advantatge. You can claim that Rs.525 and any higher amount you give to registered charities and trusts in India as non-taxable amount of your income under Section 80G.

For people working outside, I am sure $11.5 to feed a starving child for one year will be peanuts compared to what you spend for a single meal.

So go to
and make a donation to feed as many children as you can afford to.

It will help you sleep with happiness that you have enabled in some desolate part of India; a child to go to school and educate himself for a better future. Make a difference that matters.

If you cannot afford it, point this site to your friends, your seniors, your parents so that they can for a moment realize that all it takes to make a difference is not millions, but just Rs.525/- .

Do you have Rs.525 (US$11.50) to spare....

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I have been a regular

I have been a regular contributor to Akshaya Patra. Nice article!

Glad to see so many bloggers

Glad to see so many bloggers joining hands to feed the future souls of India! The one line motive “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.” says it all how humble their service is.

very charmingly written, nice

very charmingly written, nice presentation.
excellent. cheers!!!

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