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Da Vinci Code ; The finding of Judas scriptures are recent events that have restarted the questioning of the truth of the events characterized in the Bible.

Could it have happened? I dont know... Do you believe in it? Again I dont know! Cause whatever said and done, we always will be a product of our upbringing. Born and brought up, taught all life that there is a God and that our religious manuscripts speaks only the truth! You suddenly awaken to the possibility that, in actual, history passed down over centuries could have been manipulated.

Were not authors or scholars of those times, creative too? Adding their views to what they see and write down? I feel these things could have happened...

If you look at the way the journalists, elevate sports stars to legends, you can be sure the same would have been done in those times for exceptional people.

In today's world where there are so many people educated; Still, kind and large hearted people who do service, like Mata Amritandmayi, Sai Baba etc can be elevated to reincarnations of Gods, then why not in the past this could have happened?

If you look at the great philosophers, they were categorized as blasphemous people. Yet the knowledge they spread and the ideas they spoke off were something that were very true scientifically. The question comes then, why didnt they believe truly like other people? Why did people like Pascal answer in funny riddles to questions of if they believe in God or Not? 

"Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on its truth and it proves false?  If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation, that He exists.---Blaise Pascal"

For them belief was just a gamble. Yet if you look at it, the common man believes with a fervor unlike anything known. At the same time miracles prove some super being  must be there.

I am not the one to judge, but I would like to air my opinions, lest I feel suffocated by my crazy thoughts...

"If you don't know how to die, don't worry; Nature will tell you what to do on the spot, fully and adequately. She will do this job perfectly for you; don't bother your head about it.  Michel de Montaigne "

If you look at all the species or creatures that God has created, you will find organisms that reporduce by division like the bacteria, same time you will find species that have male & femals genders who needed to procreate to give rise to offsprings.

Now if you look at it, all creatures that have gender including Man are by birth given this one privilege. Its only in the case of man, where the following seems to have happened:

Unlike other animals, human beings were given intellect & thoughts. Ideas came, and lo you had fire invented. Such things brought about further innovations and creations that seem to have brought in more prosperity. As man in those times needed to be hunters to survive or feed themselves, there came a period where nature's law of survival of the fittest took its actions and the procreation took place between the women & men who knew were worthy to survive and so offsprings came who were better. In those times, the physically frail people, who were never capable of hunting to survive had to find other means of survival. They were dwindling due to mating not taking place with the female gender who preferred the hunter over the intellect.
What does nature now do?  They feared nature's forces, the Sun, the rains, the lightning and so on and started praying to them for deliverance.The intellects realized their charm lies in creating sections in society,rules that help them to survive. How do they do it? In this search, they brought about religion to bring in order, to bring in peace and for survival. No longer did hunters spend time fighting amongst each other for each other's brides'. The choices were controlled and if they didnt control, the wrath of God was described to be the end result. Religion played with fear & compassion to create sections in society.

Does this mean I am saying there is no God? Well its not in my nature to question his existence, but I feel religions are just the vehicles adopted by intellects who wanted power and their survival instincts. If you look at the bible, it speaks of Judaism coming in first (Old Testament) and then moves to Christianity (New Testament).

Now the question that arises is, does this mean, Judaism that evolved into Christianity are the views & filtering done by Jesus on the earlier teachings? If you look at it, this is what seems to happen. Whatever Jesus taught was then filtered by his disciples to create the Church. The factions and feuds within the church & its attempt to ensure everyone believes them, resulted in protestant groups. Today the number of sects seem to go into huge numbers and they all seem to believe the same thing but filtered  according to their needs and what they feel is acceptable.

Da Vinci Code tries to bring out one point about what if the real Bible verses are twisted. He was able to sucessfully prove that point, people can be made to believe anything. Antoher point that there was a group of people who had a book of scriptures of Judas written  where he is said to be righteous, once again questions why the Church never accepted this. This did mean, even at that time there were people who believed that not all is the same as what others believe or were made to believe.

Now when Islam came along too, it seems to have filtered the information got and their prophet seems to have insight more into science that resulted in many of their teachings seem more valid than most. Could the future be scientology? Since it is a filter of these religions where only the science is considered?

If you look at it, all the way along, its been just a clean struggle to survive. This has resulted in what is today called religions, groups and other such breakings. Power seems to be the ultimate motive and add to it, the people join based on what they like to hear and what they dont.

From my view point, I feel the wiser people realized, religion is for the people who do not understand nature. The ones who had no hopes in life, who could never think beyond daily survival; they needed something to believe in, to hope for to continue living. This seems to be the reason why religion was tolerated in the first place. Those who believed truly in the existence of God, never needed religions to guide him. It was just for the people who did not understand, who needed a face to associate, who needed the words put in simple terms that believed ardently. I believe there is a God somewhere, and he does miracles once in a while but for me I think today he no longer exists. Like a priest would say, if you do not believe then surely God wont help you. But these are wishful thinking to help us have hope and live in life. If this were not the case, we would have seen the weak  hearted people acting like shrimps; committing suicide when they face problems. So in a way religion is good. But the seemingly worst part of it is marriage, where people decide that to orchestrate things or to let two people live together, they need to be of same religion otherwise it wont be good. Marriage is itself a crafty trick to prevent competition once selected and the cage that isolates a bird in the matter of heart and sex with no way out and classifying it as sin.

They say AIDS is because of that. Is it so? Then why dont animals who are not inhibited by marriages and single partners not have it? They say its God's curse. If its so why is it only limited to humans, because they can think or they fear about the future? If God created us with organs for procreation, I am sure he did not mean that it should be tuned to only one person. That was man's jealousy and ideas coming into place. But when your brought up in it from childhood, we believe in it. The newer generation seem to be reverting back to the animal trends. In cities, in developed countries, live-in relations, outside marriage relationships, going out into the world alone, discarding the old & week for survival; these are basic instincts coming back to the fore.

Today what I feel is God created us with enough brains and let us go on our own way. End result is that we decided to partition the world into smaller groups based on religion, castes etc, just so that we can choose the best among our sections to  procreate and proceed to survive by creating the fear of social dogma....

God Bless those who decide to live their lives their own way for its a lonely battle in a society prejudiced and brought up on rules created to control... 

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