Classifying People – A Perpetual Reality

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I was on the interview board and recently I took the interview of a prospective candidate. After his interview I felt he was worth giving a chance in our Company. But then we rejected him; reason, he had less than 60% cutoff that we put as a criteria.

Who made the rules? Well I too am part of making that rule. Like any other company in this world, we too are looking for the right qualification that will make us a globally competitive company.

“Survival of the Fittest !” Maybe? maybe not ?

Discrimination ?
Never! We never look at the race, skin color or caste of the person to decide if we select him or not!

But when I look at it, I see the reality of discrimination in a contemporary form.

Back in the times of stone age, physical prowess made men great hunters and women week. Hence men felt superior. Similarly, when it came to breeding, men of better physical stature, appearances won over the weaker segments of human races. The Africans were known specifically for their great physical strength yet at the same time, technological advances that the white man made; made him to be invincible in front of the simpler yet very physical people. Hence if you look at it, the so called apartheid, looks to be more of a psyche that got embedded in generations after generations that just because the white man had a head start, he was superior! ( When I say white man, kindly do take it as the stronger tribe, stronger group within a race too!)

In todays world where physical appearances, skin color are no longer important for survival, using educational qualifications and skills as criterion for selecting who gets a job and who wont, seems to me to be another form of discrimination!

A job today is critical to survive unlike the times when the skin color, the physique were the sole bread winners ! So when we use cut off in educational marks to select the best, we ourselves are being part to apartheid :).

Going back to time when education was never a criteria; Physical strength, prowess, skin color were the major factors that contributed to survival. Even today we prefer a peacock over a peahen because the peacock is a beauty. So like any other normal person, the survival instinct in us always makes us look for the best things we can have!

At one point of time, religion, caste, skin color were the major factors that prompted selective breeding. When you realize what you have is a plus point and you discriminate a person using it as a criterion, you tend to look for people with similarities to form groups. This is the same thing happening today!

Instead of skin color, exams with certain cut off levels is used to discriminate between better breeds...

Is this not in its way a form of apartheid? Just like his skin color, for the rest of his life a person with less than 60% is never going to get to work at most companies !

If during the times when people hunted to survive or needed the physical strength to plow the fields, skin color & strength became a criterion for differentiating; today it is the marks, and educational qualifications that differentiate. Your are seeing the doctor's club come up, the engineer's club etc.

We hear some companies recruit people based on zodiac sign while others still prefer to recruit brahmins as they are known to be better where mathematics is concerned !

Today if you ask me if I am a rascist, I will vehmently deny it.

But if then I am asked whether I would respect and give job to someone with 60% marks and anyone below it I will think as worthless, then, yes I am guilty of being opinionated...

PS: Not that I am trying to incriminate anyone, these are just musings in my mind that come up when I think off our righteousness when we are not part of the scheme.

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