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Sweet are those innocent souls,
Brimming with love so uncouth,
Knowing not this world's true colors,
they move about with awe..

Hate is never a vocabulary in their list,
Only to love they know the best..
So dear are those lovely ones,
endearing our heart and soul!!

Greatest manipulators the world have seen,
Falleth they can any man great or small,
Powerful they may be, yet harmless their demands,
At times they do seem a bit too irate,
At times they test your temper to the flash point,
But all is well that ends well..
Heaven knows how we melt,
All sorrow, anger gone with the wind..
Such is the power of their cutest smile..

But alas this world has shared partially,
And such is the woes of the innocent children...

Few are present, born they were orphans,
Orphans in the truest sense, disowned by the world..
Arise did they in situations, where choice was nil..
Labor do they in vain, survival being their aim..
Never to enjoy care and love....
Toiling their lives to death all meagre and wasted!

To changeth not it can so fast,
But try we should our tiny mite,
God lives in their souls,
All things sweet governs their thoughts,
Food I'd say included too!
Love and loyalty are things they give you unreserved,
Cajoling us to contentment and peace...

(Inspired by Slumdog millionaire)

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