Chakky, just wait till its your marriage!!

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"As Ajeesh & Lakshmi were sleeping, the first alarm rang. It kept ringing that finally Ajeesh woke up and searched for the alarm clock. He found it on the berth... He switched it off victoriously and then turned to sleep..

An hour later, the second one rang.. so incessant was it that this time both Ajeesh & Lakshmi woke up. They could not believe it, the sound was coming from top of the fan!!. They switched the fan off. Ajeesh had Lakshmi on his shoulders and finally the unscrewed the Fan's cup and stopped it! Marblebrats are Impossible!!

One more hour passed and then they groaned, the third one was ringing. They realized it was coming from the ventilator shaft. They could not reach it... and it was raining outside. Futility set in and Ajeesh walked out into the rain, climbed to the roof and took the alarm clock and switched it off... What A FIRST NIGHT!!"

This was how Ajeesh and Lakshmi spent their first night of married life together... The next day, their entire family was laughing around, Ajeesh and Lakshmi were setting alarm clocks for God knows what at those early hours ;) hehe..

When you ask who was responsible, everyone in the Marble Boys will point and say, "Chakky!!". Of course they all connived to make it happen, but ultimately it falls on me. :(

Going forward, John and Sajitha will have stories to say and so will many people for whom on their marriage days I have made sure its memorable, whether it is by gifting them KS or by giving them special protection stuff on stage directly in front of everyone, I have done a lot of funny things which they will always remember fondly later on..

But now the question comes, when its Chakky's turn, what will happen? Will it be pure pranks like this or acts of retribution that may go above and beyond the limits of the jokes I have played...

I ponder upon it often these days, cause I know in the next one year I should also be tying the knot. If so, I can imagine, hundreds of friends waiting to each play their own pranks on me...:) . And Boy thats going to be a very long long night after I am finished with each of their pranks..

Guys, friends, ladies and gentleman, any tricks I have played were always just pranks to make your moments memorable. Anything above or beyond it were just pure coincidental Acts of God....

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Da, Dont your worry about


Dont your worry about that. If not for 100 people, atleast 10 guys will be there to show you the real 'pure coincidental Acts of God'. And you wish you hadn't been to any marriages :)



There were lot of plans da,

There were lot of plans da, some didnt work out due to lack of co-operation. I think Suresh is the next likely target...dhihahaha...


I remember you having

I remember you having planned to plant a tiny bomb in Thampi saar's bedroom. Hmm sounds like a nice one. Now that he is already married, let us try it on somebody esle ;-)

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