Can you ask a river...

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As I sat on the banks of the river, I asked it," Why do you flow?".

I got no answer... I got angry and screamed. Still I only heard the gushing sound...

And then the river answered, "Am so sorry for such a delayed response but as you can see I am so long and it takes time for my sound to reach you. Your question has but just one answer, I am but the product of the rains and snows that fall on this earth. They always condense on the top of mountains or high areas and then flow down to form me. My destiny is to reach the sea and join back with my soul. No one can stop this."

Even the dams, you build, have to release me in stretches else they cannot hold on any further. If they hold on too, I will end up submerging more surrounding lands. I am created to prevent your lands from flooding for good. I am created to ensure that this life giving water flows along the lands parching the dry lips and providing fresh water for other lives to survive. I replenish the seas, so that more water can evaporate and the cycle continues on... and your life too ..

It is a thought to think of about our lives too , like a river that flows on and some of us get stuck on its banks forever hoping that this river will stop someday at our most cherished moments...

Even though they pass by and flood the banks suggesting its better they flow by and indirectly asking us to get on with our own lives..

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