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When I read this book, I remember a rite the priest does during a requiem. He goes on to say, that you came from the dust and you return to the dust so RIP...

Paul Coehlo put forward a very interesting theory.

a) Initially there was no life on this planet.
b) If suppose Adam and Eve were the first human beings in this world and if they were soul mates..
c) The children they had of them were also soul mates and they divided and populated the earth. Each time soul mates were made..
d) These soul mates search the world to find each other and due to the divisions each person has many soul mates but only one will be lucky to realize who is his/her soul mate even though in a life time they may not live together.. but just have a few moments together..
( A moment is a few years when we compare it to the history of the Earth's existence!)

Now if we keep the reality that all matter on this earth has been constant and the only additions or subtractions have been the meteorites reaching the earth or the satellites and other debris we have sent out, it brings a question, what is life actually?

Is it but matter with intellectual abilities or does it mean God above kept adding souls to the millions of lives created every year so that either there is 4-5 billion souls today plus or minus the souls that are added and removed with each birth and death?

I am not very sure what is more potent, blindly believing in God or the scientific rationale that intelligence is but a by product of a living organism and its development and emotional co-efficient like Visakh says is due to certain hormones/chemical actions in our brain?

Whatever it is I like Pascal's simple view that something so complex cannot come without the actions of a higher being and so its better to believe than not believe...

"Brida" has put in some very fundamental questions in my life today and I still ponder on the soul mate ... Am I alive simply adding numbers to this world or is my search over?

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