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I just completed my 29th Birthday on January 11th. I was feeling a little different. I do not know why, maybe it is a kind of reminder that this is the last birthday you celebrate before you enter your thirties....

Birthdays are like I always say in my articles a reminder that we are mortal and we are lucky to have spent so much time on this planet...

However this Birthday had a speciality. Everyone who wished me had only one other question to ask,"When are you getting married?"
and then a excalamation, "Chakky your growing old!"

For a moment I keep silent but I guess its the natural questions at natural times and smile and reply,"Hopefully this year ;)! "

One thing I realized good about a Birthday is however old you get, whatever reminder system you set, there is a bunch of people you call friends & Family. They take a moment to give you a call or send you a mail and say Happy Birthday....

When you get 100's of such messages, you feel happy knowing, that someone somewhere is thinking of you...

Yes my friends, whether you put the effort to give me a call or email or sms or even belatedly did so, I thank each one of you for it. Not only for the gesture but for being there as a part of my life and my destiny.. I know I cannot go back to 28 years of age and remove friends or add friends. So you are the ones who are a part and parcel of my life and hope you will be there to wish me till the day I depart this world.. :)

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Sony thanks da...:)

Sony thanks da...:)

If I am not dead, I'll be

If I am not dead, I'll be there till the day you depart :)

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