Big Goals

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"You're not sure what you want to be when you grow up, but you're sure that this isn't it. Don't beat yourself up about it. Big goals take a lot of time."

This quote kept glaring at me from the screen and I read it again and again.

45 years ago, Mom had completed her tenth standard in a very independent yet traditional Kerala. What did she want to do? She had absolutely no idea. All she saw and understood was that, she wanted to work for a living and not end up as a house wife in some so called "traditional aristocratic" family.

At that time nursing was a taboo. Rumors in and around the villages in Kerala, spoke of a huge demand for nurses, specially abroad. This was the post independence India where everything was done in a socialistic manner and for any individual to get a good job and good life in Kerala was next to impossible. I remember my dad saying, a Engineer in Kerala could not even imagine one-tenth's the pay that we get today in India. They could never dream of owning a car ( even an ambassador) and their only option for success was going abroad. And so the scramble for it began. My mom too decided she would take up nursing, the gateway to success. India was at that time was at a very backward situation. There were no choices and everyone had to accept that living in India meant having to struggle for survival every day. Those generations with their sacrifices and lack of choices, built India for us.

At that time, going for nursing was considered equivalent to being a servant and it was supposed to be a shameful job for a girl from a aristocratic family to take up. "Imagine working night and day! Which girl from a noble family would sleep during the day time! Shame Shame!!", went on her relatives.

But she was determined, she would not live her life like her mother, tending cows, rubber plantations and living in the kitchen with no freedom because she had no income and lived in a progressively remote place!

She and her brother took the next train to Bombay got admission in a college for nursing, studied and finally ended up in Kuwait where she spent a better part of her 33 years. Married, had to look after 4 kids and lived a 24/7 shift life. Now at 61, so many years down the line when she looks back, she is happy on most aspects that were hers as an individual. She may not have made millions (that never was her aim!), but she had seen a worthwhile life with its own shares of ups and downs. She knows she had no goal when she started other than just to get a job, but when she retired and looked back, she feels no remorse seeing what she has achieved.

Today nursing is one of the most sought field. Aging populations around the world or the changing health care scenario in India, the demands have kept shooting up. Every other family has some relative who is a nurse and even male nurses are on the rise. 24/7 working suddenly seems to be an accepted norm in this industry.

Why did I bring this up? Well the situations have changed in India today.

Software Engineers & BPO suddenly rule the roost and the kind of income they have brought into India, has changed the very face of India in all spheres!

Growth has come in, people have choices and India's pace of growth means, an Indian today uses mobile with more disregard compared to even what a American would because of the cheaper pricing. We live at par in most cases compared to our Western Counterparts. Yes there is a India in the rural front; unfortunately away from this growth who still are struggling to meet their ends but progress is being made there too. But there are choices and that is what matters.

In such a world, we as youngsters run pillar to post.We all say we dream of something yet are doing something else, and feel sad by what life has to offer us though its comfortable enough.

Are we working hard to change ourselves to re-align to what we deem as being our goal? Or are we just sitting and ranting when we should realize that some goals are so big, its each step seems so small and insignificant that we do not realize how it impacts us for the future!

Like Jaan used to always tell me, we all get only as much responsibility or things that we can handle. Though I always accept it halfheartedly, its in a way true.

For example, to become a millionaire you need to learn how to handle your finances more than simply earn the highest wages. A miser is the one who saves his millions in the bank while the rest simply spend it and have zero balances! Along the way you learn this from your experiences, but if your heart is set out to become a millionaire, you will reach it if you keep moving forward without getting stuck and running to greener pastures thinking that solves it, rather than learning the art of saving.

So don't worry if you are not sure what your goal is or how far your goal seems to be to reach, just keep moving towards it and you will learn along the way and change to become a part of it.

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worth to read . good luck

worth to read . good luck working hard give hapiness and satisfaction.realy. love know to know that your are from a Chakiath family.

Big Goals definitely take a

Big Goals definitely take a lot of time...probably dats why they r called "BIG"...but ya, its very true dat by the time it is attained we all reach a much matured level..facing all the odds & evens of our life..we become a strong person indeed..& dats the rite time of experiencing dat happiness at its maximum..

"THE PINNACLE OF SUCCESS"...which aims to fulfil life's biggest happiness ..i.e "SELF-SATISFACTION"

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