Bienvenido 2008

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Tick tock tick tock tick tock,
It never stops, it never halts..
It keeps moving on...
Reminding us we are mere mortals..

Another New Year has begun,
Another Year has passed..
How many more will I see,
How many more Resolutions will I make..

Another year has passed and the time has come for us to enter in to 2008. Its the time for New Year Resolutions where we say how we are going to better our lives :) and try to keep up to the resolutions..

But what is the significance of a New Year in our lives?
a) Most of us were not born on Jan 1st
b) We divided the seasons of earth into days,months, years..
c) We broke down days to hours, minutes and seconds..

With this we classified existence :) and put ourselves on a relative measuring scale called time and then quantified it.

When I see New Year Celebrations, I just think of it as a reason for hope, a reason to celebrate and something people look forward to hoping it will mean the end of bad times and the beginning of good times..A symbolic representation of Man's Hopes..

Wishing each and everyone of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year..

As we all know 2008 will see a lot of changes happening in our lives.. just as each year has previously changed our lives.. and I do hope you will make a New Year Resolution so that when 2008 ends, you will know what you have achieved..:)

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