Atrocity 9/11

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The Crime of September 11, 2001

The pain I feel is something so deep,when my thoughts revert to Sept 11 Crime!
Years they spent in time,money and hardwork,
With Parents & Teachers' sweat & blessings, reach did they to pinnacles of success!
Dream did those people,just like you and me,
of many dreams to fulfill;wishes to attain!

They too were just Human beings, who like us strove in their own ways,
to make the world a better place to live in!

What wrong did these people do?
With what failed dreams did those people die?

I feel pain at the loss of life & property too,
for what loss we saw there, was not some unknown structure,
but instead an architectural wonder,that symbolised the modern era,
just as the Pyramids, signified the era of the Pharoahs!

Notoriety of the criminals have been etched into the annals of History,
But for what purpose, the World always asks?
What did those innocent people do, to lose their lives as collateral damage....

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