Atlas - The Myth

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Atlas is the son of the Titans Iapetus and Clymene, two of the twelve Titans. The battle Atlas led against Zeus took ten years after which Atlas was punished with holding up the heavens while the other Titans were consigned to Tartarus.


I was speaking with Julia, a colleague of mine today when she said, "Chakky, swap places with a tech so that for sometime you can stop worrying about your responsibilities!"

I thought of the idea, it would have been a real good thing to do. Thats when I remembered the greek mythology of the Atlas. For all his power and his abilities, he lost the battle and to prevent him from ever warring against Zeus, he was given the world to hold on to his shoulders. A punishment if you look at it from Zeus but from the other view point, it is the trust Zeus had in his enemy so much so that he put the entire world on his head!

Is it really true in today's world? Well sometimes if you look at your own lives, even in my case, I always felt that taking up responsibility in one's life is very important. If you look at it , why take it ever? Its a head ache but there is always the other side of the story. Someone decided to give you that responsibility knowing, believing in you and hoping you will live up to their expectations. This world may be small, it may be the responsibility of your day to day work, it could be your team or it could be your company...

When you are out there getting yourself ready to hold your world on your shoulders you perform the best and you perform with passion. Even though Atlas lost the battle and was punished to be the one to carry the world on his shoulders, he took it up stoically and did his part. Greek Mythology can forget his wars but can never forget the part that he took on the whole world on his shoulders and kept it safe...

He too did go through his "Doubting Thomases" phase when Hercules had come along to meet take on Heracle's challenge, but he resigned to the fact that there was a purpose for his life and he went on to fulfill his destiny...

Does Atlas live in you? Think about it for a moment, look at how you live your day and see if the resilence of Atlas lets you perform to your best....

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