As time flies by...

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I sat to watch the drying river, so sandy, so little water!
As I crossed this bridge so long, my thoughts went back,
For such a bridge to have been built..what mighty a river,
Once flowed through here....,
only a stream remains testimony today..

From the distance, the sandy river bed, looks beautiful,
But in reality, what sorrow it is..
The vein of life, that nourished so many plants,
The source of life for many a fish and prey that lived on it..
What has become of all those...

For man in his selfishness has raped the river so dry,
The river lost love to those that depended on it,
Punish it did by drying itself up, until life no more it sustained..

On this day, I feel my self like this river, slowly drying up...
My time has come to change paths, to meander and dry up..
For what is  a river without its water, the life giving substance..
As time flies, no one will remember that once I was a river,
So mighty that a bridge was needed to cross me..

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