Arsenal, In Arsene we Trust !

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‎"In Arsene we Trust". For the first time in 14 years we are not in the top 4 or are really scared we wont make it. Now is the most important time when we should repeat this. No more booing the team, fans. Lets support them.

As I sat to watch the match between Arsenal and Manchester United. I sat realizing the worst would happen. When I saw RVP or Szczesny comment about how its the chance for them to set things straight, I knew that it was just wishful thinking. We already were missing the stability in midfield that Arteta brings, were woefully short of full backs and Gervinho was missing in action.

I somehow am not yet confident about what Ramsey can contribute to the team. He sometimes looks like a person with 100% commitment and then at other times he just stops chasing. Every time he shoots in front of the penalty box, he never seems to be able to keep it down. He slows down Arsenal's passing abruptly and usually when we are in strength and running down the opposition! Yet at times he makes brilliant passes that questions why can't he do it all the time.

Yet despite all this, I sat to watch the game in its entirety. When I switched off the television, I did not feel happy. I did not feel sad either about the game. My greatest grief was the animosity shown by our very own fans to the team. The booing was horrendous. I can understand the frustration of fans who spend a lot of money to come there and need to make their opinions heard. I read a lot of negativity. But guys, hold on. Is winning the trophy the only reason why we support the club?

Lets not be fickle in our mind. Last 14 years Arsene Wenger has helped our team fight with the best teams in the world. We have maybe not won when we could have, maybe we have turned out second best, but thats never been the reason why we watch Arsenal. Is it? Its marathon every year, to sit and watch our team entertain. We are happy when they win, we support them when they play their home games. But every game has a winner and loser. We cannot just hire and fire players based on immediate performance to build a passionate team. We need to believe in them and see their perspective too. Its a slow process and there is a lot of effort for everyone to make things click. Arsene Wenger is in the long term of things. Every year someone or the other comes out showing us that the philosophy we adopted is the only way forward. Yennaris yesterday, Frimpong & Coquelin a few games back, our very own Goalkeeper, these are all players who came through our academy because of their talent.

Yes we will have our failures, we may continue to be also rans, but end of the day, a season is defined by the ups and downs. This is the first year we as a team might fail to qualify for the top four. At the start of the season we accepted this reality. Now when we are away from the bottom three and fighting it out with the top four, we need to keep our heads on our shoulders and support our team to see us through the top four. Not react at Arsene's decisions or boo our team. They need our support and our strength. Lets look at the greater good and stop being fickle minded. Lets once again put our trust in Arsene's judgement of players, forget his miserly nature and focus on who we have and play to our best with them. We may lose but lets accept it, one year off the top four is better than perpetually fighting from relegation, which is what many other teams in our league go through.

We are much better off guys than most. Lets worry about improving our performances as fans rather than react to our players form. Lets keep the Arsenal spirit and whether ups or downs, lets appreciate them so that they once again rise from the ashes...

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