Another New Year Resolution down the drain?

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Every year I take a new year resolution. I always believe at the start, I will do it. However each time I have failed miserably in this task.

This year too its not looking like reaching anywhere...

Now what was this New Year Resolution? Jokes apart, it was to get a six pack abs :)

I know its shocking and seeing the past 11 months pass by, I cannot see myself having put any effort in that direction to even reach close to this resolution.

The time is running out fast and just when I realized it, I realized I lost it because I never took that one step however small each time I should/could have.

Can I reach it? I dont think there is more than a 5 % chance to it. Sujith laughed and said it will take another 6 months if I seriously try but never before it...

Can I ? The question still rushes through my mind.

For it I would need to lose 8-10kg in the next 6 weeks, spent countless hours in the gym and even maybe go on a hunger strike :).

When I look at the deadline I dont see myself reaching there. But when I look at the steps I need to take it does look pretty simple to do... Now will I ? I dont think so myself since I delayed it so much. But you never know what will happen by January 1st 2009..

Until then, let me try not to get to the normal malayalee first response of "impossible"!

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