Another Bird learns to fly..

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2008 seems to be a year of losses like 2001, 1997,1995 and 1991.

Its been a long time between these years but the one common thing about these years were when I lost a lot of people I was very close to suddenly. This first happened during the gulf war when I had to part with school friends who I had sort of spent a life time with. With no computers and technology to connect us and in the foreign lands of the vast India, we went our own ways with just good memories.

The next one happened in 1995 when I was settled with my new found friends in K.V Nad and all of a sudden a vacation turned to a nightmare with my parents stating no return to India. I had to join a new school in Kuwait. 1997 just when I was comfy, it was time for us to part again not knowing when we will ever meet and this has been the case since then. Its always been when will we meet in real life? In the virtual, through emails, phone and chat we do pounce on each other occasionally.

2001, after four years in CEC, the marble boys, it was my most tearful farewell and I never thought I could cry so much for friends. It took me a lot of time to realize we are going to be scattered and its never going to be the same again.

2008 has just been such a tumultuous year. I have in this one year lost a lot more close friends and a lot more people I valued, this time not because I was moving due to unforeseen circumstances, but because life was taking them away from me with one reason or the other. Whether it is higher studies, marriages or even new opportunities, I have lost quite a few this year. So much so that I had to cry a lot. Not something I do usually, but then again, I can sense it from the depths of my heart that things in my life is moving towards changes I am not so sure about. I can sense it like I have sensed the final moments in my final year.. but this time I had control to do things, but I stood and watched and then realized I should have..

Yesterday when I dropped my sister at the footsteps of the TCS hostel, I realized , one of the last few important girls in my life has gone too. Now her training will get over, she will get posted somewhere and soon the distances will come in and with time she will move on to her own life where ever that is. I will miss her too, her jokes and energy and honesty..

I told daddy, looks like he has finally completed what he came to this earth to do, to give wings to his four children. Now its the turn of the children to fly their ways.. I guess maybe its my nostalgia that is bringing these thoughts or am I losng my mind? Not sure, but I can sense with a foreboding that I have not liked the changes so far and I do not see too much into the future..

I am putting all I can wherever I feel it matters, but I believe the time is closer for this brightened flame to go out... whether it will light another candle before it burns out or whether it will be overwhelmed by the darkness, only 2009 will tell..

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