Alone in the desert of life, the cactus survives..

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When the sun beat down on the desert,
So much heat it generates,
All life said its bye,
No water, so thirsty they dried...
Yet, the cactus learnt to survive in the desert of life,
All alone it learnt to persevere..

With no friends, no love, nothing to desire..
It bared itself to the heat..
Desire it did to wither to dust,..
But somethings are beyond one's will..

Is the cactus selfish to survive?
It has not done any wrong to anyone..
Living in the desert, it craves just like other living..
For the affection and camaraderie that they enjoy..
Jealous it becomes, possessive it becomes,
Even the tiniest of company it hurts with its spines so sharp..

For to become close to the cactus,
Spines of pain you need to endure..
Or you need to learn the softest touch...
that brushes apart those spine..
to feel the moist soft flesh,
The true self hidden deep within..

Alas no one cares to go to that point..
Alas one judges before one can know..
So end it does without much adieu..
Alone in the desert of life, the cactus survives..

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