All is well that ends well

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All is well that ends well..
As the Sun rose for another day,
The warmth spread so lovingly,
As the day progressed, the sun got hot,
So much heat, swelter did we...
Wish did we that the rains would come..

As the rains began with monsoons,
The earth smelled so good, so cool..
As the days progressed, the rain grew wetter,
So damp, so dull, the weather looked grim..
Wish did we then for the Sun to come ...

For this is the way, the life cycles,
Too much of anything we wish for harms thee,
Too little of anything keeps one hungry..

When the time has passeth, we rue what we miss,
When we have it in abundance, we wish for something else,
We never understand the mind and soul,
For God gave us brains to use, a heart to love!

But sometimes, we miss what is obvious,
For we believe to let destiny take its course,
When the fear of taking the plunge comes...
Still when the sun sets, when the day is over,
We surmise, All is well that ends well....

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