Age & Revenge

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“I am 86 years old son, yet my son in drunken stupor choked my neck and pushed me on to the bed!”
He said, “Thalle (Old lady), you and your unmarried daughter (53 year old sister) dare to say bad about my wife and kids!”

... and so went on the old lady when I went to meet her today. Tears were rolling down her eyes that had cataract and she could not see well. Mariyamma, the 86 year old lady whom I meet once in a while is a strong lady. But at the fag end of her life, with these sort of actions from the youngest son who is supposed to be the one taking care of her, even she is defeated.

After giving birth to 9 children, of which 7 are girls, the last thing Thomachan never thought was that his Mariyamma would be suffering! Today Thomachan would be turning in his grave if he knew how is children are treating the poor old lady. Not all people are born lucky. Some like Mariyamma seem to have only suffering written in their destiny..

In her young ages she too had been a little proud about her energy and the fact that she had control over things. Every person has jealousy, a little bit of cruelty and sadistic side in them. She too had it..(this I got to know from the older generation people who know her).

But even then when you are old and frail, the last thing you ever expect is for someone to take retribution on you. For any child, or someone as young as me, to see someone in their old age suffer, is a real painful thought.

We always say, do we hate someone so much that we would be happy to kill them? This is what we think in order to justify ourselves on why we let go when things become real difficult for us because of others.

When I look at this grand old lady, who even though being harsh in her younger days, had without second thoughts brought up the 9 kids suffer like this, I felt sorry. Here is a lady who spend 3 years of her life entirely to carry these children, spent the rest 20-30 years taking care of their needs. These needs may have been at the cost of being strict, dominating and even hurting nature.

Yet when she has become old and frail, when God himself has punished her with a broken back, cataract eyes and enough pain during her last ten years, would you then feel happy seeing her son and his uneducated wife take pleasure in further hurting this old lady?

All I had done was to go to this house to give a small parcel for this uncle to take and give to my Dad in Kuwait. But end of the day, I came out all depressed and dejected. Would I feel happy if I was in her position. I am too old and frail, my body is weak and I have nowhere to go.. what would I do in such a situation?

Does drinking give a son a license to take out his anger on his old and frail mother? Specially a son who till the age of 37 was a taxi driver, bus driver, who never made anything of himself!He lived like a parasite and also married to have a wife and two kids, living solely on the income that his unmarried sister provided.

Today she is the nuisance, the burden who did not get married and hence he has to share the ancestral property with her!

The Old lady, Mariyamma, at 86 is also not dying so he cannot get the property to himself. He was able to finally get a job in the gulf and started sending Rs4500 a month home for past two years! This is what he feels has given him today the courage and strength to hurt both of them!

I felt sorry. Same time when the aunt told me, how she wished she had married instead of sticking on to her idea of remaining a spinster I could feel her depression in life. Here was a lady who in her youth with her good looks and yet independent mind, decided to remain single. Age, age took away the youth. With it the beauty and the strength. Now she realizes all she has is her earnings.

No love, no one wants her and its too late for her to get a second chance in life...

Revenge is a real sad thing in this world. Some people live on because of this. But when you see it taken up on the weak and old, the frail and lonely people, my heart goes out to them. At this age, of 86 Mariyamma who hardened because she was trying to survive in a lonely world and bring up 9 kids.

She who had to marry of 7 girls with her own effort and had two sons who were good for nothing, she today gets the stick from the son who was just the parasite. Money & greed can do this to people, specially independence. I will not comment the role of the daughter in law, cause maybe/maybe not she too may have suffered at the hands of the mother-daughter combination!

But to a old lady, taking revenge I am sad to see.

Tomorrow he will also grow old, hope someone will remind him then of what his mother went through because of his rashness.. “Time & Tide waits for no man”

When thou are young, thou revels about ones strength,
When thou are beautiful, thou revels about ones beauty,
When thou have a fan following, thou looks down at them with apathy,
Today where are you?
The skins wrinkled, the body weak,
The beauty gone and the youth long lost,
What will happen when but a burden you become?
Silence and suffering two words of the coin you keep with you...

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