7 years out of College..

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I had gone to a friend's shop two days back when he came forth and told me Lijoe, I have something to show you!

He took out about 20 photographs and said do you remember this.. I recollected it immediately and he was surprised. I said nice you brought it back to me after 8 years.

He had in his hands, the only trip I have gone with my Butterflies gang to Munnar without my family knowing. I was doing my second semester in CEC, when they called me and made fun of me for not going on any trips with them.. I dont know, I was always scared to ask for the extra money required for such trips, I was scared about going with a bunch of friends for days without no idea where we would stay etc and I have never been to Munnar.

They motivated me saying there is a rare species of animal called "Variyad" and I should see it.. Finally I succumbed, after my friday class, called home and said I would not be coming home and took the train and waited at Aluva Bus stand at night 8 pm waiting for them. Thus began my first trip.. The pictures from there he had in his hands now.. It flushed me with memories of the good times...

I immediately uploaded those pictures at
and that same day we had a engagement of Philmon's sister. So I just felt happy seeing them all again and I realized how much we changed from those pictures both in size, age and the routes our lives have taken since then. 9 years had passed.. and the changes are inevitable..

It brought back my thoughts to my ever dear Marbles. I dont know, I think everything in my life at one point revolved around them. What they were doing, how could I help and I was just happy to lie around the entire day hearing their pranks and so on. Going into CEC days, I realized, its 7 years to the month since we parted our ways from College.

And on 20th, we are all going to meet (whoever is in India) for Jijith Kuttan's wedding, my room mate ..
I was just thinking, in those 7 years since college how much we changed. I opened my drawers, I had taken close to 600 pictures during my college days, right from my class tours to our farewell. I always loved to go through my memories..
I immediately spent the afternoon scanning those pictures and put them up too in Orkut over here

I guess you can see the emotions and I too felt glad for the various things and lots of friends who passed through my life, centrally my Marble gang..

2008 August marks the 8th year since we parted our ways. In those seven years, Ajeesh, Thampi, John, Pu, Suresh,NSD & Sony have married. Kuts is the eigth person marrying. After it remains me, Tobby and George...

With marriage our friends lives have changed and everyone has moved into their own tracks of life and I am glad for them all.. Even now when they visit Cochin, I make it a point to try and meet them all and these marriages are the times we do get to meet and be our old self with our pranks and memories..

My thoughts go back to my CEC days, the loads of good friends, teachers, seniors, juniors we had. The people in Chengannur who took care of us with food, accomodation and other help.. Those days cannot be forgotten.

As the Seventh year of our life after college looms,
Like the seeds of fruit, we have scattered ourselves,
Finding ourselves in good situations,
Finding ourselves in tough situations,
But from it we have risen stronger,
For the reality is not what we have achieved..
But what we have gone through to reach where we are,
How much we can take and yet smile..
How much we can endure and still stand strong..

For my friends at CEC and my ever dear marbles.. thanks for moulding me to be what I am..

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