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The story behind my first bike..

There are times in our lives, which when we go back to, brings a lot of memories. The year was 1999 we were studying for our CO(Computer Organization) re-evaluation exams at night when we got the news.

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Can you sell a dream?

Arsenal had played terrible. Whatever could go wrong was going wrong at San Siro. AC Milan were having the laugh of their life. The final score AC MIlan 4- Arsenal 0.

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Arsenal, In Arsene we Trust !

‎"In Arsene we Trust". For the first time in 14 years we are not in the top 4 or are really scared we wont make it. Now is the most important time when we should repeat this. No more booing the team, fans. Lets support them.

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An eye opener for Job Seekers, specially of Modern India

Sometimes when you feel you know many things, some forwards come out as a shock to you. A friend of mine, Femina forwarded this mail to me. I felt it was too good to let it disappear as a forward without any use. I do not know whom to give this credit for, so I am just keeping this here.

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Do you have Rs.525 (US$11.50) to spare?

The year is 1986, I was a student of Indian School, Salmiya (Kuwait). I was studying in Second Standard then. The specialty of our school was that it was a co-ed in the figurative sense but in the literal sense it was never true.

All girls had early morning classes and for boys, the classes started only after 12 noon. So it was like we would reach the school gates, wait for the girls to get out and then the boys would get in to class. For 1985, this was way too futuristic.

Imagine a school management that had the foresight to double its resource usage and in turn make best utilization back in 1985, when 24/7 was limited to just hospitals and emergency services like electricity and water!

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A Blessing for One Who is Exhausted

When the rhythm of the heart becomes hectic,
Time takes on the strain until it breaks;
Then all the unattended stress falls in
On the mind like an endless, increasing weight,

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A Shadow I stood

A shadow I stood, all silent...
By day I rose, by night I fell,
But I was there always,
Whatever she did, I watched in silence,
Sometimes I had company, many times not

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Love your job but not your company

“Love your Job, never your company”, ever since someone said Naryan Murthy, Founder of Infosys, had uttered it, it became a mantra for the fresh IT engineering graduates who took the meanings to a new level.

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Heartful words whose meaning I cannot fathom

There is a time for everything,
There is a moment destined..
Sometimes we awaken to the dawn,
Disoriented to the fore..

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Nobody Understands Me ...

There is one statement I’ve heard more often than any other, that statement is, “Nobody understands me”. To be honest I am not at all surprised by the frequency of this statement, the reason being, it is the tendency of human beings to stay a little secretive. Understanding a person depends more on the steps taken by the person himself as compared to the steps taken by the people around him. After all, it is me who will decide whom I want to keep inside my circle of trust and whom I want to keep outside of it.

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